Things You Can Do To Help Your On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is a basic but very important tenet of creating a stable SEO base for your website.

In simple terms, it is the effect that can be gained by manipultaing parts of a web page; by changing wording, making things more readable or using significant keywords in headers for your page.

For example if your website is based around car repairs then you should aim to have the phrase “car repairs” within your header text, your body text (your main paragraphs) and also longer phrases like “car repairs in Nottingham” within your text (and varations of these phrases) several times over.

Also within the snippets (the bit displayed on the search engine results pages), the same should be observed.

This will all help your on-page SEO score climb higher.

Observe how this page has been created to contain certain keywords relevant to the business activity.

There are many other things you can change also and we will cover some of these in time, but these are some easy changes you can effect youself to assist in your on-page SEO.

If you wish to have us take care of the work for you then get in touch here of course.

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