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Marketing & SEO Provided By A Company Within Your Industry

We have used various marketing, website design and SEO companies throughout our 16 years in business as a carpet cleaning company.

Yes, you read that correctly – we are owners of a carpet cleaning business .

We actually know the cleaning and service industry inside out and in-fact we do already work with many of the biggest names in UK leisure & hospitality.

We have a very acute understanding of what it takes to reach the right people and how they respond to marketing.

We know how clients engage with a well made website or a well formulated campaign – these are people you can then convert in to your very best customers.

This has been a very steep learning curve over the years, but through some trial and error, hard work and also not backing away from a challenge, we are now in a position where we have our formula.

It is our method for combining the many elements of SEO, marketing and website design that sets us apart.

Being able to offer it as an honest and affordable alternative to you using a traditional marketing company is the cherry on the cake.

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Our services are not wildly expensive and they are absolutely hassle free, there are no strings attached and we pride ourselves on offering those “black art” facets of running a business.

Elements like SEO, marketing, lead gen and also website design & building at a fraction of the cost of a conventionally Googled marketing business.

We did it this way because we really had no choice, however we continue to do this because in-fact we really do enjoy the work, we enjoy meeting with clients and raising their expectations.

You will be astonished of what is possible when you have a marketing and IT partner who cares about the outcome they get for you beyond just getting paid.

So Who Is This Service For?

We want to help other businesses, particularly within the cleaning and service industry sectors (yes, even our competitors).

We don’t think any business should have to go through what we endured for many years and our business model described on the subsequent pages supports this fully.

Our pricing is totally bespoke according to the need of the individual business – there is no cookie cutter approach that we apply; no corners that are cut.

In saying that though we have created 3 basic levels of “package” which can be adapted and added to using a bolt-on system – this is SEO & marketing evolved.

Every business is uniqiue and so should be the appraoch to marketing it.

We do not have complicated contracts tying you in to services long term.

There is no small print and it is quite literally PAYG (pay as you go) SEO.

We are unique in this field.

This is the difference and this is why you should choose Cleaner SEO.

If You Are In The Cleaning Or Service Industry We Will Make All The Difference To Your Business

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Website design (and build), content writing, mobile optimisation, error correction, on-page SEO, UX design & visual styling and much more.


SEO from the ground up, on-page, SERPs, backlinks, meta-tagging, keyword analytics and competitor analysis plus much more.


Adwords, PPC, e-shot, flyer design, mail-shot, social marketing, markleting data, engaging content, unique images, lead gen, SMS and more.