What Services Do You Need?

Our main focus here is to offer complete services with managed SEO, marketing and also dynamic website design.

  • Website Design & UX
  • SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Management

Also available are services relating (but not limited to) these areas below.

  • Flyers & Brochures
  • E-shot & Mail Shot
  • PPC & SMS
  • Lead Gen
  • Prospecting Databases
  • IT
  • Problem Solving

These services are by no means an exhaustive list, furthermore we offer services in a variety of ways.

We provide services dependant on your need.

Nevertheless we will always offer a 100% free consultation to assess where you currently are with your website and SEO.

From there then also what steps can be undertaken to improve.

No Contract – Cancel Anytime

We have a flat rate for “on-boarding” which is the same for everyone and then from there it just depends on how much you require.

You can dial it up or down depedning on your business needs and perhaps things like seasonality.

All businesses are different and all should be treated as such.

Likewise, there is no off the shelf “one size fits all” solution.

No other company offers such a way of working and our bolt ons are very simple to understand.

You will always have 100% clarity over what you are getting from us.

Dedicated Account Manager

You will have your own dedicated account manager.

They will be there to fully understand your business and from there, your business’s goals.

Just as if they were sat on the board of directors themselves.

Most importantly they are always available, so you will never be stuck waiting days (or weeks) for a response.

We offer a dedicated service and this should be music to your ears.

Have a think about your website, your marketing and your SEO solution currently in place and see if it matches up.

Never settle for services that are below par, or don’t represent good value for money.

There is no set fee for any services we offer, as they are always “bespoke”.

This works better insofaras each client that we work with is totally unique and therefore so will be their requirement.

We then create a plan of action to take and moreover the delivery of their results.

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specialist services

Specialist Services

We do have several more specialist services available like for example, website building from the ground up.

This is very much done on a client-to-client basis as each business’s need is going to be different from the next.

We will never offer websites that are simply clones of another.

Likewise hence we will never copy content or plagiarise.

These are all things that get you marked down in terms of quality SEO.

Contact us for details on this service if you require a website built and we will consult and then quote you for free.

Additionally of course also we are more than happy to provide details (or even references) of other websites and businesses we have helped.

Simple SEO & Marketing Packages

The below packages have been created to make things very easy for any business to try.

They each contain a range of different elements tailored to the needs of different sized businesses.

Whether you choose a bronze packge, a silver, or a gold one, you can be sure that you are getting the very best service from a company who care.

Bronze Package

Our recommended SEO service for locally run or small businesses and therefore targetting local keywords and locally ranked search results pages on Google.

This package targets 10 relevant keywords.

Social media posts are included with this package up to a maximum of 4 per month across all of your social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn).

This seo service includes a basic local competitor analysis also and road map for your future marketing.

GMB (Google My Business) basic set up.

Silver Package

The silver SEO package is for small to medium businesses, most likely still fairly local and hence looking to grow their business and market share with a more regional or national presence.

This includes everything you get with the bronze package, with the addition of -:

Up to 10 posts per month across all of your social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn).

Targeting 15 keywords relative to your business.

GMB (Google My Business) advanced set up.

Advanced competitor analysis.

PPC & Google Adword campaign basic set up.

A free monthly consultation regarding your SEO and steps that can be taken from your end to assist in building strong links.

Website on-page SEO and optimisation for your current site.

Gold Package

This SEO service package is aimed at medium to large businesses that already have a national presence and are likewise looking to increase their market share and also revenue.

The gold package includes everything within the silver package with the addition of -:

Up to 15 posts per month across all of your social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn).

Targeting 25 keywords relative to your business.

An in-depth report on your current website SEO and impact within the search engine universe.

GMB (Google My Business) account management and reporting.

PPC & Google Adword multiple campaign set up and management.

Backlink creations to popularise your business in new geographical areas.

Web blog posting up to twice a month.

E-mail shot design, send and reporting once per month.

The Above Services Are All Contract Free

Prices for the above pre-built packages start from just £250 per month and they are adaptable so as to take additions from any of the other services on offer.

Add-on services are available for all packages and the cost of these depends on each individual need – it will be vary from client to client.

We are the only SEO & marketing company to offer “bolt-on” SEO services in this way and likewise, all with no contract.

We are always asked “how soon will it take to see results”.

Regarding the “estimate” time frames expected for seeing a measurable difference within the search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo etc, this is very much a loaded question.

The absolute honest answer is that it varies massively from client to client and very much depends on where you currently are sat in terms of your SEO, likewise the business’s reputation, also any previous marketing, your current website and so on and also not least, the amount of money you are prepared to spend on getting to where you need to be in the first instance.

There is no magic wand, no quick fix to achieving quality and meaningful SEO for your business and that is the honest answer.