So What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, from here on known as SEO is the method of getting specific traffic to your website from a search engine’s like Google or Bing etc, through their organic results.

Some basic elements associated with SEO usually include creating quality and optmised content, or for example making sure that your website is structured in a certain way that “crawlers” and search engines will find easy to read.

When you set about optimising content around a specific set of keywords this in turn provides relevance to your website.

SEO should be guided towards improving a website’s rank in the organic, or “not paid for” section of the search engines results.

So Far… so good..

So now you know what SEO is, check back here for updates that will walk you through some relatively straight forward things you can do yourself to improve your website rank, on-page content and much more.

We will be updating this regularly so remeber to bookmark this page (SEO in practice right there) and check back in with us for more tips and news.

You can contact us here with any queries about our service.

In the mean time a very useful tool for assessing what your own website is like in terms of an “SEO score” based on numerous standardised industry factors can be found here.

Also, anyone on Twitter who is interested in SEO and its best practice (it is always changing) should check out Neil Patel. He is basically one of leading authorities in the world on the matter and ocassionally dishes out some free tips.

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